Law on Companies

In this law you can find information about General provisions; Entrepreneur; Legal forms of business companies; Liquidation of business companies; Linked business companies; Reorganization of business companies; Acquisition and disposal of major assets; Specific rights of shareholders and members to dissent; Penalty provisions; Transitional and final provisions. Official Gazette, Republic of Serbia, No. 125/2004. See more

Law on Foreign Investment

In this law you can find information about: Basic provisions; Guaranteed rights of foreign investors; Incentives to foreign investors; Settlement of disputes; Special rules; Foreign investment registration and records; Transitional and closing provisions. FRY Official Gazette 3/2002 Adopted on 16 January 2002. See more

Law on Labour

In this law you can find information about: Basic provisions; Entry into labor relations; Contract on rights and obligations of directors; Education, vocational training and advanced training; Working hours; Recesses and leaves; Protection of employees; Salary, compensation of salary and other emoluments; Dues to employees in case of bankruptcy procedure; Rights of employees in case of change of employer; Redundancy; Prohibition of competition; Compensation of damage; Suspension of an employee from work; Amendments to the labor contract; Termination of labor relations; Exercise and protection of employee’s rights; Special provisions; Organizations of employees and employers; Collective agreements; Supervision; Penal provisions; Transitional and final provisions. ("Official Gazette RS") See more

All serbian laws

On the website you can find the laws that are necessary for doing business in the construction industry. If you need laws that are not on this list you can find them on the website of the National Assembly of Serbia. Have in mind that they are not translated to English.