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Czechs build power plant on Pester

06. April 2021.

Czech Energy-Economy Fund is interested in building a 320 MW steam power plant on Pester in association with the Government of Serbia and the municipality of Sjenica and investing about 700 million euros in it. See more

More money for bridge on Ada Ciganlija

27. April 2021.

The Assembly of the City of Belgrade decided yesterday to increase the funds for the construction of the bridge on Ada Ciganlija and access roads by about 6.2 billion dinars. See more

8 million euros in factory in Stari Banovci

27. April 2021.

Ivancic i Sinovi (Ivancic&Sons) company commenced the construction of a factory of solid pharmaceutical products in Stari Banovci on September 24, in which 8 million euros will be invested. See more

Ikea interested in investing in Serbia

27. April 2021.

Ikea is interested in continuing investing in Serbian market by opening a department store and a trade center, and the exact date of commencement of the construction depends on the negotiations on land procurement and how quick the legal and administrative procedures related to obtaining permits will be finished - Ikea PR Manager Milena Vujicic said. See more

International architectural competition

27. April 2021.

One of the objectives of the Serbian Research and Development Infrastructure Initiative is to enhance the production of knowledge and scientific excellence by enabling Serbian research institutions and researchers to enhance their ability to generate, adapt and use new knowledge and become key actors contributing to the achievement of sustainable development, prosperity, and economic growth. See more