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Energoprojekt Entel in Qatar

09. February 2010.

Energoprojekt Entel has signed the new contract worth 20.3m USD in Qatar - Belgrade-based Energoprojekt holding, a part of which is Energoprojekt Entel, announced today (February 8, 2010). See more

Alpine got job near Dimitrovgrad?

09. February 2010.

- The final decision on what company will be building the bypass around Dimitrovgrad and part of the highway to border crossing near Gradina has not been made yet since the tender procedure has not been finished yet - said the people from the Government of Serbia and company Corridor 10, which announced the tender. See more

Germans want both ‘JAT’ and railways

27. January 2010.

‘In discussions with the German economic delegation we offered to representatives of ‘Air Berlin’ strategic partnership with our national carrier ‘JAT Airways’ and also with ‘JAT Technique. See more

Preliminary contract for Belgrade bridge

19. January 2010.

The Institute of Transportation (CIP) and the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) signed a preliminary contract on the design and construction of a bridge. See more

International hoteliers congress opens

19. January 2010.

The 47th International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA) Congress opened in Belgrade this Monday. See more