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Europe Boulevard opened in Novi Sad

The Europe Boulevard in Novi Sad, the investment worth about 600m RSD, was opened for traffic today (October 29, 2009). See more

"Building Directorate to have residential complex built in Veliki Mokri Lug

The Building Directorate of Serbia is having a residential complex of 5 buildings built in Belgrade's settlement Veliki Mokri Lug. See more

"Turker" invests in wellness center

Turkish company "Turker" is going to become the majority owner of Bujanovačka spa resort, with the obligation to invest in wellness center in Bujanovac and tourism development in that region. See more

Cvetković signed contract with EIB on loan of 384m EUR

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Mirko Cvetković, and the President of European Investment Bank (EIB), Filip Mejstat, signed the contract in Luxembourg on October 23rd for EIB's loan of 384m EUR for financing construction of a highway section on European Corridor 10, between Leskovac and the south of Serbia. See more

Chinese bank to grant 200m EUR to Serbia

Chinese Export - Import Bank will grant the loan of 200m EUR to Serbia, 145.5m EUR of which will be set aside for construction of Zemun – Borča bridge, while the remaining 54.5m EUR will be, most probably, granted to Kragujevac for construction of its southern bypass. See more