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8 million euros in factory in Stari Banovci

27. April 2021.

Ivancic i Sinovi (Ivancic&Sons) company commenced the construction of a factory of solid pharmaceutical products in Stari Banovci on September 24, in which 8 million euros will be invested.

- There will be 110 new jobs in the factory and the first phase of the construction should be finished in spring 2011 - Ivancic i Sinovi pharmaceutical company announced.

The plan is that 50 people get jobs upon the completion of the first phase of the construction of the pharmaceutical factory at 2,700 square meters, while the annual production capacity should amount to approximately 40 million bags, 22 million blisters and 50,000 multi-dose packs of powders or granules.

The investment of Ivancic i Sinovi will also include the renovation of the infrastructure for power and gas supply and waste water drainage in Stari Banovci, which is situated in the vicinity of Belgrade.

Ivancic i Sinovi and its strategic partner Sopharma from Bulgaria plan to build the factory in order to expand the capacities of primary and secondary packing, build a new control laboratory, storage, accompanying and administrative space.

As it is announced, the second phase of the project realization will include the construction of a new production units for primary production with the storage space for raw materials, packaging materials and ready-made products.

Total surface of that facility will be about 3,000 square meters and it should be finished in 2012.

Source: eKapija

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