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Analysis before work on Gazela Bridge

23. March 2010.

The date for starting work on the Gazela Bridge will be known once an analysis of the restoration process is complete.

Even though Serbian Roads expected the work to begin next week, Austrian company Strabag stated that it has a deadline of 28 days to propose a precise study for the phases of work that need to be done.

For now, it is known that work should be completed in 22 months, and that the largest part of the reconstruction should not have to include a closing of the bridge.

Money for the first phase has been set aside, however, Strabag must confirm the analysis for the traffic regime during restoration before work can begin.

“I have no new information. A joint commission is working on it. We will have the results in four weeks and I believe that we will find an acceptable solution for Belgraders and for everyone else involved,” Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas said.

Source: B92