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Belgrade-Adriatic highway “ready in two years”

Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić says that the section of highway from Belgrade to Ljig will be ready in the next two years.

This section, stretching 77 kilometers, would receive EUR 100mn from the budget, Mrkonjić said.

He said that the project documentation was already complete and a tender would be called for the job on January 1.

“The Serbian government has unanimously decided to start building the highway from Belgrade through Ljig, Čačak, Požega and Boljare,” Mrkonjić said.

“Next year, on March 1, we will start work on the section of highway from Belgrade to Ljig. That is the decision of the government and, in that sense, we want the people of this region to rest easy because we’ll make sure that Ljig isn’t just a house on the way, but that the highway brings people to Ljig to invest there. We will work with our own money, and if partners appear, we will enter arrangements with them,” he said.

The minister commended the efforts of the municipalities from Belgrade to Čačak, where the highway passes, to complete expropriation of the land needed.

Talks are ongoing with Russia over a EUR 1bn loan, which would be used for infrastructure projects, primarily the Belgrade metro, budget support amounting to USD 300mn, as well as the Corridor 10 railway line.

“I presume we will have more precise information after President Medvedev’s visit, and be able to put something down on paper to make it official,” Mrkonjić said.

He said that his ministry would ensure that jobs for the building of all regional roads and highways would go to, primarily, domestic construction companies.


Source: B92