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"Building Directorate to have residential complex built in Veliki Mokri Lug

The Building Directorate of Serbia is having a residential complex of 5 buildings built in Belgrade's settlement Veliki Mokri Lug.

The facility, at total surface of 14,665 square meters, will include cellar, basement, ground floor and three floors, with the overground surface of 9,380 square meters and the underground surface of 5,285 square meters.

The Building Directorate of Serbia announced that the construction of buildings L4 and L5 had already commenced, preparation works had been finished (construction of fence around the site, organization of terrain and approaches, construction of temporary facilities for the building site logistics, etc.), building site had been formed, land digging works had been completed, while the reinforced-concrete works had been partially finished, and continuation of construction was in the pipeline for the near future.

The selection of contract for completion of the complex will be announced soon, and the estimated value of that job is 340m RSD.


Source: eKapija