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Business parks at 47 ha

07. May 2010.

Alongside the Ibarska main route, at the surface of about 47 ha, various facilities will be built for business and commercial contents: retail trade, catering, scientific and research works, culture and entertainment.

This is envisaged by the Plan of detailed regulation for the commercial zone that lies west of Ibarska main route (from the cloverleaf interchange on Labudovo Brdo to the cloverleaf interchange with Circuit) in the borough of Čukarica, which was adopted on Wednesday, May 5, by the board members of the City Parliament.

- According to the plan, that should be a commercial zone where about 476,000 square meters of office space will be built. The space should be equipped with infrastructure and used for construction of the facilities for business and commercial contents - retail trade, catering, scientific and research work, culture and entertainment, as well as business parks and exhibition space - Slobodan Dimitrijević, the Assistant to the City Secretary for Urbanism and Building Affairs.

The board members also adopted the Plan of detailed regulation for the residential block between Majdan's Čukarica, Vase Stajića Street, Paštrovićeve Street and Visoke Street in Čukarica, which occupies the surface of about one hectare.

The City Parliament decided to have the plans of detailed regulation made for the areas between Dimitrija Tucovića Street, Đurićeve Street, Svetog Nikole Street and the route of inner semi-ring road (UMP) in Zvezdara; the block between Kičevska Street, Molerova Street, Hadži Đerine Street and Hadži Prodanove Street in Vračar; the blocks between Žička Street, Branka Krsmanovića Street, Kajmakčalanske Street and Dravske Street in Vračar; the area between Arsenija Čarnojevića Boulevard, the complex of the Student Sports Center and Blagoja Marjanovića Moše Street and Partizanske Avijacije Street in New Belgrade; part of Block 51 (phase I) in New Belgrade; part of the territory of the borough of Rakovica up Kneza Višeslava Street; the block between Tuzlanska Street, Rasinske Street, Jedanaeste krajiške divizije Street, Mrakovačke Street and Omladinsko šetalište Street in Rakovica; settlement Miljakovac III; the primary facilities of Boleč's sewerage on the territory of Voždovac, Zvezdara and Grocka; construction of sports-recreation center on the bank of the Danube in Grocka; crossroads "Krivaja" - new approach to cemetery "Lazarevac 2" in Lazarevac.

Source: eKapija