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Car shopping mall in New Belgrade

07. May 2010.

Autocentar Stojanović, the official Škoda dealer, is going to open a new office space at 3,500 square meters in Block 45 in New Belgrade by the end of the year.

The clients of this company, which exists for 25 years, will be enabled to buy a car on lease or loan, have their vehicles MOT-tested, maintained and repaired or get them registered and insured, all at one place.

- We are going to open a shopping mall for cars in Jurija Gagarina Street. In addition to selling and servicing vehicles, our partners and we will be providing numerous other services to drivers. We have been working for a long time on this project, primarily because of the problems with paper works. It is a greenfield investment that will enable employment of 50 people, while additional 20 people will get jobs in this facility later – Miroslav Stojanović, CEO of Autocentar Stojanović, said in an interview with eKapija.

The facility whose construction commenced few days ago will be built by the standards of Škoda. The project was done by Tema Engineering, while the contractor is Energoprojekt Visokogradnja.

Source: eKapija