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Company "Corridors Serbia“

24. May 2010.

The Serbian Government made a Decision at yesterday's (May 20, 2010.) session, to form a new company, "Corridors of Serbia," which will be responsible for continuing the construction of Corridor 10 and Belgrade – Boljare highway.

"Corridors of Serbia" will be a limited liability company, spending budgetary funds, and will have between 30 and 40 employees. The new company will accept the transferred staff of the companies "Corridor 10" and the "Roads of Serbia", as well as from the Ministries of Infrastructure and Environment and Spatial Planning.

The new company will be responsible to the Ministry for infrastructure, but the Director is coming from Democratic party. It will be Mihajlo Misic, who is currently Director of the Sector for program and preparation in the Directorate of Building Land and Construction Belgrade.

"Corridors of Serbia" will be responsible for the design, expropriation and construction of Corridor 10, and Belgrade – Boljare Highway, which should become a part of another important international roads – Corridor 11. The plan is to once again link up with roads in the four countries from the European Union (Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania) and three that are on the track to become its members (Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro).

Source: eKapija