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Construction of Corridor 10

12. April 2010.

Founding of the ‘Highways of Serbia’, enterprise which is to replace the ‘Corridor 10’, enterprise founded a year ago, is an attempt by the ruling coalition to put end to dispute between the SPS leader Ivica Dacic and his party colleague Milutin Mrkonjic, Minister for infrastructure, ‘Blic’ learns.

According to our source Mrkonjic is very dissatisfied about the work of Zoran Drobnjak, Director of the ‘Roads of Serbia’ but does not want to dismiss him because he is a party colleague. On the other side the DS is making pressure on Ivica Dacic, leader of its coalition partner the SPS, to remove obstacles so that tender for the northern stretch of the Corridor 10 is finished on time.

Launching of issue of Mrkonjic’s responsibility for the so far work on the Corridor 10 shall have to wait at least until elections in the party of the socialists.

Source: Blic