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Construction of hotel on Silver Lake

07. April 2010.

Construction of the first out of three planned hotels in the tourist complex at Silver Lake will start soon - businessman Slobodan Vučićević announced.

 As he explained at the recently held Danubian Conference in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the project for Cezar hotel is almost finished and its construction should start "in few months".

- The investor is company Silver Lake Investment, and it will be a complex whose total value is estimated at few tens of millions of euros - Vučićević said and pointed out that it was ambitious and expensive project and that 1m EUR had already been invested in elaboration of projects.

- Master Plan alone cost us few hundred thousand euros - Vučićević pointed out and reminded that the hotel construction should have been started in 2009, but the crisis had made that impossible.

- In addition, construction of the complex demands the compliance with all the laws in the area of city planning and construction, so that it takes several months for the necessary licenses to be issued - Vučićević said and added that he had been waiting for six months to get the license to have the pontoon built on the marina in order to make sure that flora and fauna would not be endangered.

- Construction of the tourist complex on Silver Lake, which will include hotels, parks, restaurants and golf courts, will also be a great opportunity for employment of people from Veliko Gradište, in the vicinity of which is the lake - he said.

The tourist complex should be a theme park whose contents will represent rural settlements from all around Serbia, so that it will be an opportunity for domestic and foreign tourists to feel the unique spirit of our tradition.

Source: eKapija