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Contract for Zemun-Borča bridge

31. March 2010.

The Government of Serbia had adopted the text of the contract for planning and construction of Zemun-Borča bridge with accompanying junctions.

 The Minister of National Investment Plan (NIP), Verica Kalanović, says that the contract is signed between Serbian side, which is represented by the Ministry of NIP and the city of Belgrade, and the China Road and Bridge Corporation.

- Along with the text of the contract, the report on the course of negotiations has also ben adopted - says Ms. Kalanović and points out that the negotiations were characterized by two things. The first is, according to her words, that significantly lower price is achieved - 170m EUR - for the bridge 1.5km long and the highway-like junction with two lanes plus one stopping lane on each side of the road 21 km long.

The other characteristic of the negotiations is the fact that the participation of Serbian contractors, goods and services has been increased "to possible maximum" - to 45%, while the main contractor, the Chinese company, will carry out 55% of the works.

The contract is very complicated and anticipates exact obligations of the investor, the Republic of Serbia, on one side and the contractor on the other side.

- The basic characteristics are that the bridge will be built at the price of 170m EUR, which can not be more than 10% higher for possible (supplemental) works, and that the works will be controlled by expert and independent auditor, which will be hired by the Ministry of NIP on behalf of the Republic - the Minister specified.

- The bridge will be completely built in three years, while the junctions will be built in two years. All standards, when it comes to materials and works, will be in accordance with Serbia legislation and the highest European standards - Ms. Kalanović announced.

Source: eKapija