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Corridor 10 important for development

26. April 2010.

Economist Milan Kovačević said that there must be investments in traffic infrastructure in order to attract new foreign investments.

He said that it is very unfortunate that Corridor 10 has not been completed yet.

Kovačević added that foreign capital chooses countries that have a well-developed infrastructure.

“Added damage for Serbia is seen in the fact that in the meantime, a significant amount of traffic has been taken to roads that avoid our country, so it is very important to speed up work and finish Corridor 10 as soon as possible, which is not happening, unfortunately,” Kovačević said.

He added that there are problems with the construction plans for the highways and the way they have been organized into two companies, as well as in the discrepancies between what the role of the Infrastructure Ministry is what the companies should be doing.

Source: B92