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Corridor 10 to be finished "in 2 years"

05. May 2010.

Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić said that Serbia is “a large construction site, and Corridor 10 will be finished by May 1, 2012.”

“In this year alone, the Serbian government will realize projects on Corridor 10 and invest a total EUR 800mn,” Mrkonjić said while visiting a work site in the north part of Corridor 10, where the 98-kilometer highway stretch from Horgoš to Novi Sad is being worked on.

Mrkonjić said that so far, EUR 200mn has been invested in the construction of a new bridge over the Danube River near Beška, the by-pass route around Novi Sad, and work on constructing the Novi Sad-Horgoš portion of the highway.

He said that another EUR 600mn needs to be invested by the end of the year in Corridor 10, for seven parts of the highway foir which construction would begin.

“This guarantees the stability of the Serbian economy, because about EUR 1bn will be invested in the construction of these roads, which is important for the stability of the country,” Mrkonjić said.

He said that on International Workers’ Day, all of the workers at the construction sites he visited are working “full steam.”

Mrkonjić said that a new construction site would be opened this month on the portion of the highway from Dimitrovgrad to Niš and from Grabovnica to Vranje.

The Infrastructure Minister said that Serbia is opening up a road to Europe for itself with the construction of Corridor 10.

The minister also visited the site where the construction of the bridge by Beška is being worked on.

Source: B92