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Cvetković signed contract with EIB on loan of 384m EUR

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Mirko Cvetković, and the President of European Investment Bank (EIB), Filip Mejstat, signed the contract in Luxembourg on October 23rd for EIB's loan of 384m EUR for financing construction of a highway section on European Corridor 10, between Leskovac and the south of Serbia.

It is Grobovnica–Levosoje section 75 kilomters long.

After he signed the contract, Prime Minister Cvetković said that the required funds for construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia were provided in that way, and he added that he had been assured by the President of EIB that that finance institution would also finance construction of Corridor 10's branch between Niš and Bulgarian border.

The President of EIB, Mr. Mejstat, pointed to great importance of financing the infrastructure projects in Serbia, and he added that he fully agreed with Cvetković's estimate concerning the significance of the approval of loans to Serbian small and mid-sized enterprises and the provision of support to big direct foreign investments, which guaranteed creation of new jobs.

Cvetković said that the forthcoming opening of the EIB's branch office in Belgrade should significantly expand and additionally improves already very good cooperation between EIB and the Government of Serbia.

Mejstat said that Corridor 10 was large European project that should directly connect the members of European Union with the states of the Western Balkans that wanted to become EU's members.

Cvetković and Mejstat pointed out during the talks that the European Investment Bank was determined to support economic recovery and help Serbia make progress on the path to the admission to European Union.


Source: eKapija