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EBRD announced General Procurement notice

08. June 2010.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced today (June 8, 2010) the General Procurement notice for the highway project on Corridor 10 in the south of Serbia, for the section from Nis to Dimitrovgrad.

It is stated on the creditor's website ( that the Republic of Serbia intends using the proceeds of a loan from the EBRD for the project that will facilitate sustainable economic development and ensure that the country capitalizes on its geographical position to continue its development as a key transit country on the Trans-European Network.

Realization of the project will also increase transport efficiency and improve traffic safety on sections of Corridor X, as well as improve road management and road safety in Serbia.

The total cost of the Corridor X project is estimated at EUR 1.3 billion, while the proposed part of the project financed by the EBRD has a total estimated cost of EUR 150 million.

According to the EBRD, the project will be carried out by company Koridor 10, and the announced General Procurement notice concerns the works on construction of motorway from Nis to Dimitrovgrad on Corridor X, E-80, for the sections from Crvena Reka to Ciflik and from Pirot to Dimitrovgrad.

Tendering for the first section is expected to begin in the third quarter of the year, while tendering for the other section is on-going.

Source: eKapija