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EIB to finance Corridor 10

PM Mirko Cvetković and President of European Investment Bank (EIB) Philippe Maystadt have signed a financing agreement for the construction of Corridor 10.

The signing of the EUR 384mn agreement completes the financing for the completion of the southern section of Corridor 10, the busiest highway route through Serbia, connecting central Europe with Greece and Asia.

The agreement covers the 75 km section of road from Grobovnica to Levosoje.

Announcing the agreement, the prime minister added that Maystadt had pledged that the EIB would also finance the section of Corridor 10 from Niš to the Bulgarian border.

The president of the EIB stressed the importance of financing infrastructural projects in Serbia, adding that he completely agreed with Cvetković on the importance of giving loans to Serbian small and medium-size enterprises and supporting big foreign investments, all of which provided new jobs.

Cvetković said that the upcoming opening of the EIB branch office in Belgrade should widen and strengthen the already good cooperation between EIB and the government.

Maystadt said that Corridor 10 was a major European project designed to connect EU members with the countries of the Western Balkans, who aspired to EU membership.

Cvetković and Maystadt stressed that the EIB was determined to support Serbia’s economic recovery and help it progress towards the EU.


Source: B92