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Europe Boulevard opened in Novi Sad

The Europe Boulevard in Novi Sad, the investment worth about 600m RSD, was opened for traffic today (October 29, 2009).

The length of the newly built route between Futoška Street and Kornelija Stankovića Street is 1,420 meters.

The boulevard is a part of the western bypass around the city, and once the third phase of construction is finished, one end of the boulevard will be connected to Belgrade-Subotica highway, while its other end will be facing the Srem part of the city.

The boulevard has three lanes in both directions, as well as cycling and pedestrian tracks on both sides.

The boulevard was opened in the presence of the President of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, Bojan Pajtić, the Mayor of Novi Sad, Igor Pavličić, and the CEO of the City Development Institute, Borislav Novaković.


Source: eKapija