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French investments

01. March 2010.

Companies from France are ready to participate in infrastructural projects in Serbia, especially those of the road and railway Corridor 10. The ‘Fransi’ shall scan the status of all bridges in Serbia in order to determine priorities for reconstruction.

‘We shall invest EUR 460,000 in that project’, Anne Marie Idrac, State Secretary at the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Labor said yesterday after talks with Serbian Minister for Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjic.

After presentation of infrastructural projects Idrac had not excluded possibility that France finance construction of a metro in Belgrade as soon as authorities here decide what kind of underground the city needs and the project documentation is finished.

‘France has been working for long on unblocking of the situation we are in regarding purchase of the ‘Airbus’ planes what is in the interest of both ‘JAT Airways’ and Serbia. This agreement on purchase and leasing of big planes seems to have been suspended. Serbian Government has formed a working group which is to find a solution soon’, Idrac said.

Source: Blic