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"Horgoš-Novi Sad complete in 2010"

Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić said that work on the highway from Horgoš to Novi Sad is expected to be completed in 2010.

Mrkonjić visited the construction site of the Beška bridge and the by-pass route around Novi Sad, where second layers of asphalt are being put down, after which traffic lights and safety nets will be installed.

According to officials of the companies working on the sites, Nimbes and Putevi Užice, the two lanes of the highway from Novi Sad to Horgoš will be finished by the determined deadline of November 29.

Mrkonjić said that the quality of the construction work is excellent, and called on the companies to participate in the announced tender for the construction of a new, 11 kilometer-long section of highway north of Novi Sad.

General Director of the Serbia Roads public company Zoran Drobnjak accompanied Mrkonjić on his visits to Corridor 10 construction sites on Saturday.


Source: B92