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New giant building in Novi Sad

07. May 2010.

Novi Sad will soon get another high building, which will be situated in Europe Boulevard. The investor is Zoned Građevinar. Construction of high towers has been nothing new lately because city planners are paying more and more attention to high-rise buildings.

The giant facility in Europe Boulevard seems unreal when compared to the neighboring buildings, but, according to Zonad's CEO Vladica Mišić, there is nothing unusual in that. This business-residential facility is being built according to the General Land-utilization Plan, which envisages construction of a high-rise building in that location with business suites, ten floors and attic where the most luxury apartments at 100 and more square meters will be situated.

Other cities also have similar facilities, one of which is "Beograđanka" in Belgrade. The building of Dnevnik in Novi Sad used to look magnificent when compared to surrounding facilities. It is not alone from long time ago. There is business-residential facility "Aleksandar" in its vicinity, while newspaper Dnevnik reminds that the building of the Petroleum Industry of Serbia was finished in the 1990's and that it is one of the buildings that dominate the city panorama. City planners want to put one huge building in each part of the city for the sake of better recognition.

CEO of Urbanizm, Aleksandar Jevtić, says that high facilities are situated in the vicinity of large junctions, at the entrance and exit of big residential blocks. He cited Liman as an example and added that such construction was also common in the world.

- During the making of the General Land-utilization Plan, city planners had Oslobođenja Boulevard in mind, at the beginning of which an 18-floor building was built in the 1970's. Residential facilities with the same number of floors are also built at the end of that boulevard - says Jevtić and adds that Oslobođenja Boulevard is 60 meters wide, while the width of Europe Boulevard is 94 meters.

Jevtić reminds that, 30 or 40 years ago, 18-floor buildings were built for residence, while now such giant buildings comprise both housing and business space, which is the architecture that is also recognizable in European cities.

Source: eKapija