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"NEXE Group" invested 27.5m EUR

"Nexe Group" from Našice, one of the leading manufacturers of building materials in the region, has invested total of 27.5m EUR in new production unit of the tile factory in Vinkovci - the Group anounced.

 The investment in Industry of building materials "Vinkovci" has increased the annual capacity of the factory from 45m to 58m pcs of tiles, as well as to 700,000 special elements. The capital investment of "Nexe Group" in the factory has enabled the introduction of Oktavijan and Cezar products, the new trademarks of large-format tiles, in the classical portfolio. This is the largest regional investment of "Nexe Group" in 2009.

"Nexe Group" has invested over 15m EUR in new production units and modernization of existing units on the territory of Serbia since July 2009. The second largest investment of "Nexe Group" in the region in 2009 was the investment of 11.5m EUR in the new production unit of IGM "Stražilovo", and the Group also realized the first greenfield investment of 2.5m EUR in the concrete factory in Novi Sad in October.

Before that, the Group bought the concrete factory in Belgrade for 1.3m EUR. Realization of new 12m EUR worth of investment in modernization of company "Jelen Do" is underway, and it should make it possible for the factory of lime and stone aggreggate to product 350 t of lime per day, which is about 125,000 t per year.

According to the announcement, that investment will make "Jelen Do" the leader in lime production when it comes to both technology and capacity. Within the scope of that project, 2.23m EUR will be invested in preservation of environment and improvement of energy efficiency of company "Jelen Do".

The funds for that purpose have been approved by Banca Intesa in Serbia from the credit line of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Source: eKapija