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Preliminary contract for Belgrade bridge

19. January 2010.

The Institute of Transportation (CIP) and the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) signed a preliminary contract on the design and construction of a bridge.

The bridge, along with its connecting roads, will span the Danube, connecting Belgrade's Zemun and Borča municipalities.

Serbia's Minister for the National Investment Plan Verica Kalanović said this was one of the most important infrastructure projects in Belgrade, adding that the design phase will be completed within the next two months.

She said that the Zemun-Borča bridge will be 1.5 km long, while the connecting roads will be 21 km, and that the ministry “will not allow for the bridge completion deadline, set for the end of 2013, to be breached”.

Kalanović went on to say that the project's total value was EUR 170mn, with China Eximbank providing 85 percent of the funds and the Ministry for the National Investment Plan 15 percent, while the Belgrade city authorities will pay the compulsory purchase compensation.

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas said that the bridge will help move a large part of traffic out of the city.

The bridge and its connecting roads represent a regional connection between Belgrade and southern Vojvodina area of Banat, linking Corridor 10 with Corridor 4 and Romania.

The preliminary contract was signed at the CIP headquarters by CIP General Director Milutin Ignjatović and CRBC official Yao Haidong.


Source: B92