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Preparations for Corridor 10 works

Expropriation of the first 100 lots of land from 80 owners for the construction of Corridor 10 has started near Pirot, southern Serbia.

It will be clear in a month's time which lots will be expropriated in all the land register offices that cover the area of the highway between Pirot and Dimitrovgrad.

The price for the land is still unknown, although negotiations with the owners have begun, reports say.

75-year-old Todorka Igić from the village of Gradište near Pirot said she had been informed that Corridor 10 "would pass right across her garden" but that she had not been given any details concerning the expropriation of the land.

Chief of the Pirot Municipal Administration Bogoljub Tošić said that an expropriation proposal arrived only for the area of Gradište, where about 100 lots would be taken from their owners in order to make way for the highway.

The remaining 900 lots will be addressed in a proposal expected to arrive within a month.

Villagers in Gradište say they are looking forward to the construction of this stretch of the pan-European highway, which is expected to alleviate the traffic on the existing, busy highway towards the Bulgarian border.

State-run public company Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) will handle the expropriation and offer compensation to the owners after the expropriation decision comes into effect.


Source: B92