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Tek Energy obtained 7 energy licenses

07. May 2010.

Tek Energy has the intention to build small hydroelectric power plants in Kraljevo, Crna Trava and Raška, for which it has already obtained seven energy licenses - Jovan Lazarević, the company's owner, said on May 2.

- We currently have seven energy licenses, issued by the Ministry of Energy of Serbia. We will first start building two hydroelectric power plants on the Vlasina river, in the municipality of Crna Trava, where we met with the understanding of the local self-government when it comes to issuing of necessary documentation, so that we should be able to start with the construction in three months - said Lazarević.

He points out that the construction of these hydroelectric power plants will contribute to development of that area and expresses belief that that company will put in operation one or both mini hydroelectric power plants on the Vlasina river by the end of the year, while the construction of mini hydroelectric power plants in other parts of the country is in the pipeline for the next year.

Lazarević estimated that there was "appetite" and money abroad for that type of investments in Serbia although the bureaucratic procedures for such projects in Serbia were still complicated and must be accelerated on the level of local authorities. As he explained, in addition to all necessary field researches, which are complex and take between 40 and 50 days each, the preparations leading to construction of mini hydroelectric power plants take between 6 and 12 months, but, as he pointed out, they can be finished in three to four months.

Lazarević pointed out that the problem did not lie in the issuing of licenses on the level of the authorized ministry, but on the level of local self-governments, where the time deadlines for issuing of required documents should be defined in advance.

Source: eKapija