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Tender for north section of Corridor 10

The Serbian government has published a public tender for the construction of the north section of Corridor 10 highway.

The stretch will be built from Novi Sad to Horgoš, and from Subotica to Kelebija, Minister of Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjić said on Wednesday and invited interested companies to apply until February 1.

“The Serbian government is making good on its promise to Serbian citizens early in the year,” Mrkonjić told Tanjug.

“With the completion of the bypass around Novi Sad and the Beška Bridge by the end of the year or in the first months of 2011, we plan to finish the entire Belgrade-Horgoš-Kelebija highway,” he stated.

Mrkonjić said that the tender for the construction of a total of 110 kilometers of the four-lane semi-highway was published on December 31, 2009.

“The tender will remain open until February 1 and will be completed around February 5,” Mrkonjić said.

He expressed his expectation that a Serbian company would undertake this project, but said the tender was open to foreign companies as well.


Source: B92