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Tender for Pirot-Dimitrovgrad highway

24. May 2010.

Company Koridor 10 (Corridor 10) announced (May 18, 2010) the tender for construction of two sections of Pirot-Dimitrovgrad highway on pan-European Corridor 10 through Serbia.

According to the tender, the bids for construction of six kilometers of highway from Pirot to Sukovo and 8.3 km of highway between Sukovo and Dimitrovgrad can be submitted prior to July 20.

The deadline for construction of these sections is 18 months, and the contract will be allotted to the bidder who gives an esentially approvable offer with the lowest price.

- The condition is that the bidder has minimum average annual income in the last three years in amount of EUR 25m for the first section and EUR 35m for the second section, as well as that he proves that he has the appropriate financial means at his disposal - it is stated in the tender.

The bank guarantee worth EUR 700,000 is necessary for each of the sections as well.

According to the announcement, construction of the two sections 14.3 km long, with a tunnel on one of them, will be financed from the loans of the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The procurement procedure will be conducted in accordance with the ICB procedure (international competitive bidding) and by the procedures of the World Bank.

Source: eKapija