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Three bids for northern Corridor 10

17. February 2010.

Three bids have come in for the construction of 110 kilometers of the northern leg of Corridor 10. The stretch will go from from Novi Sad to Horgoš and from Subotica to Kelebija, it was announced on Feb. 16, at the opening of the bids in the Serbian Ministry of Infrastructure.

The bidders were the Slovenian company Primorje, a consortium of Serbian firms headed by the Preduzeće za Puteve Beograd, and the Croatian company Hidroelektra Niskogradnja, in tandem with the firm Vojput, of Subotica.

The domestic consortium gave the lowest offer, RSD 9.97bn.

The Croatian company offered to build the stretch for RSD 11.55bn, while the Slovenian offer was RSD 13.47bn.

Vojput general manager Duško Dražić has announced a complaint over the fact that the Preduzeće za Puteve Beograd-led consortium had not adjusted its offered price to the higher inflation rate, as the tender requires the bids to contain fixed prices.

"We did include inflation in our price, as that is stated in the tender documentation. Anyone who does not file an offer in accordance with the tender documentation must be disqualified," Dražić said.

Tender commission chairman Dejan Kovačević stated that 25 companies had purchased the documentation for the northern branch of Corridor 10. He said the commission would have to meet and consider all offers, and the complaint by the Vojput-Hidroelektro Niskogradnja consortium, after which it would give an opinion on the bid.

Aleksandar Stanović, director of the Nibens Group, the owner of Preduzeće za Puteve Beograd, said more than ten domestic construction firms would be directly involved in building the road.

The construction of 110 kilometers of highway in Corridor 10 should begin in March this year and last at the most 11 months.

Source: B92