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Top locations for buyers

We have completed the project-planning documentation for attractive industrial zone in accordance with the spatial plan of the municipality of Šid and the general plan for Adaševci because that industrial zone is situated in that borough.

Every investor who wants to invest in our attractive location will not regret that - says engineer ZoranSemenović, the CEO of Public Company for Residential Development and Building Land of the Municipality of Šid.

Industrial zone is situated on the right side of Corridor 10 (highway) from the direction of Zagreb. It is 150 meters away from the corridor, and it occupies 123 ha of state-owned land whose price is 40 EUR per square meter on the period of 99 years.

- Municipality of Šid will start making the general plan for detailed regulation in 2010. This plan will include construction of primary infrastructure network. We already plan to set aside 25m RSD in the budget for that purpose. The investor is to make individual plan for detailed regulation with the construction of secondary network for electricity, water and part of the road in front of its own yard -Semenović explains.

He says that the investors will be able to choose the location and size of the land, while the municipality will have to make that possible.


Source: eKapija