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Užice gets waste water treatment system

31. March 2010.

With the financial support of the Government of Serbia and the EU, Užice should get a modern unit for collecting, transporting and treating waste waters in four years.

One of the biggest investments in the city, which will not only resolve the problem of waste waters, but also enable reconstruction of the existing and construction of new plumbing and sewerage, will cost about 27m EUR.

During the presentation of the feasibility study, which was done by English company WYG International Ltd., Mayor Jovan Marković said that the unit would be built in Zlakusa and pointed out that it was one of the biggest projects in the area of environment protection in Užice. He explained that the European Commission would provide the donation in amount of 70% of the required funds, 25% would be given by the Government of Serbia, that is, the ministries of agriculture and finance, while the city would participate with 5% through procurement of land and resolving of ownership-legal relations.

- After the project documentation is made, the construction works will be started in 2011 and ended prior to 2014 - Marković announced.

He explained that 50km of asbestos pipes on the primary branch of the water supply system, from accumulation Vrutci to the city, as well as in the city itself, would be replaced in the first phase, which would be followed by the construction of new sewerage and the replacement of old pipes, while the final phase would include construction of the unit for collecting, transporting and treating waste waters.

- The project also anticipates construction of an overpass in Zlakusa, reconstruction of the existing plumbing and sewerage, as well as construction of access roads to that unit - Marković added and explained that Užice and Vranje had met all the conditions and standards to obtain financial support for that project from the country and the EU.

Pointing out that Užice has started resolving the problems of environment protection over the last few years by building a gas pipeline and regional landfill for communal waste, Milomir Sredojević, the CEO of public utility company Vodovod, said that the realization of the new project would resolve big problems with waste waters, as well as that the state of the plumbing and sewerage systems in the city would be significantly improved.


Six months for the study

Sohail Hasan, an environment protection expert in English consulting company WYG International, said that he had worked with his team for six months on the feasibility study and that he hoped that that big and important project for Užice would recieve the support from the European Commission.

Source: eKapija