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Water factory in Vrbas prior to 2012

Municipality of Vrbas signed the contract yesterday (November 10, 2009) with Israeli company "Tahal" on elaboration of a project and construction of a water factory, for which the Government of Netherlands granted 5m EUR - Dragan Stijepović, the Deputy President of the Temporary Organ of the municipality of Vrbas, told "eKapija" and pointed out that the other half of the funds would be provided from the Capital Investments Fund of Vojvodina.

- The contract is such that we will get the grant along with a company from Netherlands that will implement the project, and that company is Israeli "Tahal". Our intention is to have the central unit built for supply of drinking water to the whole municipality, and the project should be implemented within the next three years. The main project will be elaborated during the first year, while the works will be carried out within the second and the third year. Everything fits into the national water supply strategy for the region of Bačka - Stijepović explained and pointed out that the capacity of the future factory would amount to 250 liters per second.

According to his words, the contact with Dutch Government was established in September 2006. Ever since, the local self-government has been collecting documentation that was asked by the Dutch.

Construction of the factory, which will be situated along the road to Kucura, represents the permanent solution to the problem of drinking water for about 50,000 citizens of Vrbas.


Source: eKapija