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Work on bridge to begin in August

26. April 2010.

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas said that serious work on the restoration of the Gazela Bridge would not begin until August.

He said that all the necessary materials for beginning work on the bridge have not yet arrived.

Đilas said that discussions on the dynamics of work on the bridge would be finished once an acceptable solution for the city is found.

The best-case scenario calls for the work that includes the closing of the Gazela Bridge to begin once the bridge across Ada Ciganlija is completed, but the condition of the bridge demands that the work starts earlier.

“The city will then be in a state of siege, which is why I expect that work on the Gazela will be ongoing for 24 hours a day. There is still a question of whether work will be able to be done to the lower part of the bridge at night because of the safety of the workers. If there is a way to secure these conditions, there is no reason for work not to be done at night as well,” Đilas said.

He said that the Gazela is not the only problem, adding that the restoration of the highway going through Belgrade from Bubanj Potok to Surčin could cause even more traffic problems.

“Our demand is for the part from Geneks to the Sava Centar and the part from Mostarska Petlja to Dušanovac to be worked on during the summer, when there is less traffic, because it demands the closing down of one side of the highway. We have already reached an agreement on the highway through Belgrade, where the Ratko Mitrović subcontractor and its workers will be working non-stop. Te realistic problem is that there are not a lot of construction sites in the country, so the contractors are making things harder. But once an agreement is reached, all deadlines must be respected,” the Mayor said.

As far as the European Investment Bank's demands for moving the Roma communities from under the Gazela Bridge are concerned, Đilas said that the city will be finishing 80 so-called social apartments for the most endangered citizens of Belgrade in a month’s time.

Source: B92