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Control and development of the Velika Morava river basin

The total area of the Morava river basin is 37,966 km2. Out of this the Zapadna Morava river basin is 15,750 km2; the Juzna Morava river basin is 15,466 km2; the Velika Morava river basin is 6,770 km2.

  • Location: Velika Morava river
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1960 - 1995
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: DBR "Velika Morava"

Detail design:
DBR "Velika Morava"

Hydroengineering and Erosion, Water Management Co., Water Management and Hydroengineering Co., VP Smederevo, Zapadna Morava, Erozija, Srbijavode, VP Cuprija, DVH Palanka, "Niskogradnja", "Ibar-Lepenac", Institute for Water Management "Jaroslav Cerni"

V. Petrovic

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The purpose of control and development of the river basin is in the construction of buildings and other works to improve the canter regime in the river basin as well as the landscaping to protect it. The improvement of the water regime cowers the following by regulating the waters the damage which is done to the land is decreased as well as to the building and other property within the river basin. The stabilization of water regime is one of the conditions for economic water management and economic development.

§ In order to regulate the river basin the following works have been performed flood protection and river regulation; drainage; flood control and deposit control by means of accumulation; counter-erosion works; supply of water for industry needs.

§ In the Morava river basin, in the lowlands, 225,000 ha is endangered by river water flooding out of which about 112,000 ha only in the Velika Morava river basin. The biggest scope of work were executed in the places where the flooding areas were the Iargest calculated according to the linear kilometer of embankment.

The regulation of the Velika Morava river basin and its tributaries included the following works:

- stream regulation 1,320 ha;

- embankment building 2,015 km;

- regulation structures 1,376 km;

- large accumulations 10 Km

- small and medium accumulations 48 km;

- improvement of agricultural land 44,500 ha;

- construction of water supply 1,430 km;

- construction of sewage;

- counter-erosion works 6,000 ha;

- construction of fish ponds 3,900 ha.

§ For the stabilization and improvement of the Velika Morava river basin and its tributaries the following has been done during the last ten years:

- irrigation system in the area of Zabari coffer - 8,300 ha;

- drainage system in the districts of Svilajnac and Despotovac 5,000 ha;

- drainage system in the district of Batocina (Badnjenac) 430 km

- drainage system in the area of Kusiljevacka coffer 1,800 km;

- drainage system in the district of Malo Crnice 2500 ha.

- regulations of the Resava river upstream 26 km from Svilajnac

- regulation of the Jablanica river in the district of Leskovac 16 km;

- accumulation and dam Prvonek;

- accumulation and dam Barje;

- accumulation and dam Selova.

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