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Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal

The water system Danube-Tisa-Danube is a unique hydroengineering system for flood control and usage water (hydrotechnical, amelioration forestry, water supply, waste water evacuation, navigation, fishing, hunting, tourism).

  • Location: River Dunav and Tisa
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1958 - 1976
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Subsidiary Co. "Dunav-Tisa-Dunav" responsible for construction works; "Kanal", "Ivan Milutinovic" (PIMA, GP "Hidrotehnika", "Mostogradnja", "Planum", GIK "Banat", "Vijadukt", "Hidrogradnja", "Pinki", and others Equipment and Erection: "Metalna", GOS

Detail design:
Water Management Company "Dunav-Tisa-Dunav", Hidrozavod

Nikola Mirkov

Institute for Water Management "Jaroslav Cerni", River Traffic Designing Bureau, "Hidsoprojekt", "Geoistrazivanja", PP "Trasa", "Mostogradnja", GP "Partizanski put", Civil Engineering Faculty, "Elektrosrbija", "Hidrobiro", Designing Bureau Vojvodina,

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One of the largest complex systems built in Europe after the Second World War. It covers the northern part of Serbia - the territory of Vojvodina, with the total area of about 12,700 km2. The total length of the dug main canals is 960 km, including new and old canals and streams which were completely or partially reconstructed and thus included in the new system. In the basic canal network there are 51 structures - 24 gates, 16 waterlocks (for navigation 1,000 to 1,300 tons capacity), 5 safety gates, 6 pumping stations, and 180 bridges. This network allows drainage of about 700,000 ha and irrigation of about 50,000 ha.

Potentially navigation is possible on 664 km of canals. The navigational canals are second to fourth category according to EEC categorisation. There are 14 goods ports on the canals. On the new canals of the water system the Danube-the Tisa-the Danube there were built: 84 bridges - 62 carriageway, 19 railway and 3 pedestrian ones. One of the most important structures within this water system is the dam on the river Tisa near Novi Becej which regulates the water regime in the basic canal network in Banat, for irrigation of about 300,000 ha. It is a concrete dam with 7 weir overflows and well chambers 24.x8,0 m. It includes the waterlock of dimensions 85.0x12.0x3.0 m. The total dimension of the concrete dam part is about 214.0 m. The capacity of the outlet structures on the dam is Q0.3% = 4,70 m3/s.

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