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Djerdap one hydro-power and waterway system

It is a concrete gravity clam, with 14 weir overflows, 25 m wide each. In Europe it is the largest project of this type excluding Russia, and it is one of the largest in the world.

  • Location: Danube river
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1964 - 1972
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown

Detail design:
Energoprojekt, ISPH - Bucurest, Romania

Vukadin Djordjevic, "Lengidrostal" - Leningrad, Russia; "Gidroprojekt" - Moscow, Russia; Institute "Jaroslav Cerni" Main Designeres of individual stages: "Energoprojekt" with the following group of engineers (BSc): Vlade Vracaric (DSc), Prof. Petar Petrovic, Mirjana Tuc

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The plant is located on the Danube river, upstream from Kladovo, between Romania and Serbia , 943 km upstream from the Danube estuary into the Black Sea.

§ Its block plan is symmetrical and consists of two waterlocks (each 310 m long and 34 m wide), two power plants and an over-flow dam in the centre. Across the dam a road is built for vehicular traffic. There is a provision for building a railway line. Besides the production of the electricity, the navigation on the Danube in the length of over 100 km is regulated. For the protection of the riparian zone 120 km of embankment was reconstructed and strengthened, and new 30 km were built. The drainage systems were made for about 130,000 ha. The capacity of all pumping stations is 130,8 m3/s. The protection of settlements, public and other buildings was performed in Kostolac, Veliko Gradiste, Smederevo, Kovin, Pancevo, Umka, Beograd and Novi Beograd. The protection of accumulation was also performed (afforestation, torrent regulation) on the larger part of the accumulation area. Railway lines, roads and ports were relocated and reconstructed.

§ Basic characteristics:

- dam crest length 1,280 m,

- max height of the dam 60,6 m,

- number of installed units 2x6,

- rated power of the plant 2,1 MW,

- number of power plants 2,

- annual production of electricity 11,5 billion KW,

- installation flow of the power plant 8,700 m3/s,

- medium head 27,17 m,

- average flow of the Danube on the dam 5,520 m3/s,

- outlet structures capacity 22,500 m3/s,

- annual capacity of the water-locks 25 million tons.


Main Contractors:

A) Civil engineering works: "Hidrotehnika", "Hidrogradnja", ICH Bucurest - Romania, PIM, "Hero] Pinki", "Jugofund", DTD, "Stig"

B) Equipment and erection: Leningradski Metaliceskoi Zavod - Leningrad, Russia, "Litostroj", "Bade Koncar", "Elektrosila" - Leningrad, ACEA - Sweden, "Minel", Sprecer and Schuh, Switzerland, GOSA, "Metalna", Krupp - Germany, Uzimeexport - Bucurest, Romania, "Ivo Lola Ribar", "Progres-Invest", "Mihailo Pupin", "Prva Petoletka", "14. Oktobar", MIN

Sub-contractors and other partners:

A) Civil engineering works: "14. December", "Delo", "Biljur", "Lesnina", "Automobilsko", "Beton", "Geotehnika", "Djuro Salaj", "Jadran"

B) Equipment and erection: Institute "Nikola Tesla", "Pobeda", "Elvod", "Iskra", "Teletra" - Italy, BBC - Switzerland, "Siemens" - Germany, "Terma" - Denmark, "Hidromontaza", "Vojvodina", "Cinkarna", "Transped", "Antikor"

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