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Djerdap two hydro-power and waterway system

The dam is located on the Danube, 80 km downstream from Djerdap I, or about 17 km upstream from the river Timok mouth into the Danube, between Romania and Serbia .

  • Location: Danube river
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1977 - 1983
  • Category: Hydro-Engineering Projects
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Romanians

Detail design:
F. Svortsov, BSc (civil eng.) - ISPH, Bucurest; Vukadin Djordjevic, BSc (civil eng.) and Mirjana Tucovic BSc (civil eng.), Energoprojekt, ISPH - Bucurest



ISPH - Bucurest: I. Popa, BSc; C. Boca, BSc; I. Lefter, BSc. "Energoprojekt": M. Njezic, BSc (civil eng.); B. Petrovic, BSc (civil eng.); M. Matic BSc (civil eng.); T. Nikolovski, BSc (civil eng.); Zoran Savic, BSc (civil eng.); M. Boljsakov, B

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The main project consists of two power plants, two waterlocks (310 m long and 14 m wide), two overflow dams, two non-overflow dams and a road across the dam. There is a provision for building a railway Line.

§ The clam itself is between the Romanian island Mare and the Yugoslav river bank. The secondary dam in this system is located on the drainage 875 km on Gogos branch of the river and connects the upstream part of Mare island with the Romanian river bank. Besides the production of electricity this clam regulates the navigation between Djerdap I and Djerdap II. For the protection of the riparian zone the following has been done:

- embankments and drainage system to protect Grabovicko polje (1200 ha)

- embankments, drainage system and other technical measures to protect the town of Kladovo;

- reconstruction of existing roads, electrical works, telephone lines, etc.;

- relocation of parts of settlements (Mihailovac, Brza Palanka, Vajuge);

- structures which prevent entering of deposits into the accumulation lake.


§ Basic characteristics:

- dam crest length 1,088 m,

- dam height 32 m,

- rated power of the plant 432 MW,

- number of turbines 16,

- mean annual production of electricity 2,5 billion KWh

- installed flow of the power plant 6,800 m3/s,

- medium head 7,45 m.

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