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Nikola Tesla B thermo-electric power plant

The termal power station "Nikola Tesla" B (TENT B) is located on the left bank of the river Sava, 17 km upstream from Obrenovac, in the region Vorbis.

  • Location: Obrenovac
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1978 - 1983
  • Category: Industrial And Energy Supply Plants
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 1.080.000 m²
  • Contractor: Vatrostalna, Planum, Partizanski put, Ivan Milutinovic - PIM, RED

Detail design:

Termoelektro, Minel-Montaza, Izoprogres, Umel, Samot

Structure Designer:
Radoslav Sojic, BSc (civil eng.) and Vladimir Bozic, BSc (arch.) Mechanical Part: Petar Kopta, BSc (mech. eng.)

Installation Designer:
Mitar Dragumilo, BSc (electr.)

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This project is one of the largest plants for electrical energy production within the Public Co for Electroenergy Resources Management of Serbia. TENT B was designed as thermal power station of the total nominal capacity 2,400 MW with four units of 600 MW. It was planned that the construction be realized in stages of two units at a time.

The first two units were built and commissioned in 1983, respectively 1985 and nowadays they are among the most powerful thermal power blocks in the world using low-calory coal.

§ The main technological system for electrical energy production was executed in blocks, on the principle of connecting the basic equipment: boiler-steam turbine-generator-transformer. The basic fuel is lignite from Kolubara-Tamnava coal basin, with the heat value 5,500-8,000 kJ/kg and the average ash content 20%. The cooling system is a flow-type with river water, and it is 73,000 m; per block. NT B is connected via transmission line and the distribution plant 400 kV to the electrical power system and as the basic power station satisfies the needs of the Yugoslav consumers.

§ The basic characteristics:
- total area of power station 108 ha;
- ash waste area 600 ha;
- total height of the boiler 137 m;
- total height of the chimney 280 m.

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