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Sava City

There is a city existing for two and a half millenniums, where the Sava, the biggest river at the Balkan Peninsula, flows into the Danube, the biggest river in Europe.

  • Employer: CA Immo
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: 50.000.000 €
  • Years of construction: 2006 - 2010
  • Category: Business Centres, Sports Complexes And Congress Halls
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 35.000 m²
  • Contractor: Neimar-V A.D., Kemoimpex A.D., Irva Investicije A.D

Detail design:
Arch. Mario Jobst, Arch. Miodrag Trpković, DOMAA d.o.o.


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Former name originates from the Celtic word Singidunum. Dunum means city, and in the word Belgrade the same meaning remains. Belgrade is a city, where Belgrade Peninsula and Panonian sea encounter each other, the meeting point of East and West, Latin and Cyrillic. That is why Belgrade is the city of those who recognize it as their own, and those who share and feel it as their own creation and their own home.

At the New-Belgrade's side of the Sava River, there has been an intensive urbanization for 50 years now. In all construction plans, that area has been identified as the most valuable and earmarked for objects predetermined for superior business and exclusive residence. Architecturally sophisticated construction concept, brought several valuable and significant buildings, such as the Sava Center and Intercontinental hotel, Genex Apartments and Genex Tower, business buildings of Delta holding and Jugopetrol, the Hyatt Regency and the Usce palace.

It is exactly such an impressive architectural environment, that our investment location, the most exclusive one in Belgrade and in the Balkans, was carefully prepared and planned. It is situated on the banks of the two rivers, only one kilometer far from the city center.

In order to respect the highest European residential standards, a team of experienced engineers, architects and artists, programmed and planned the most prestigious architectonic works of contemporary construction and modern technology equipment. High aesthetics of business, ground, pedestrian and green areas is also ensured.

Urbanistic idea is recognized as inner diagonal, surrounded by two organized symmetric objects, each of them 8.895,00 m2 large.

Technologically and functionally, they are equipped with all modern systems, which respect even specific and additional business and residential requests of future users. Under the overall space, there are parking places, with all additional contents and conditions, necessary for modern business and comfortable residence

Apartment section that covers 12.000,00 m2 is planned as a separate 11 floors building with five different sized apartments on each floor. Their size is from 70 up to 220 m2. They fulfill the highest standards of organization and interior design, with parlors that provide impressive views at the New and Old Belgrade, the rivers that separate them and the bridges that connect them.

Out of special symbolic curiosity, additional tower was conceived, with luxurious residential space of superior dimensions and vizura.

At the end, but it could have been said at the beginning, we are pointing out what has not been seen yet- neither with domestic nor with foreign investors. The construction of two squares, two sculptures and a bridge that connects them is also planned- to give the place the air of life and to supplement its contents, to sophisticate the environment and ennoble the space.

The object that we construct is a huge one.A sort of a city.We wants it to be that, and to call it like that. SAVO GRAD. City at the Sava River. If someone thinks that it has the same meaning as the Sava City, it is only a sign that every river of the world has to reach its own city.

Images source: Horcon

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