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Sports Complex

Outside the centre of Perm, near the natural lake, a sports complex was designed to cater for the physical and spiritual recreation of modern people. The design won the first prize at the international tender 1991.

  • Employer: Manufacturing construction-building association "Permstrointer"
  • Location: Perm, Russia
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1992 - N/A
  • Category: Business Centres, Sports Complexes And Congress Halls
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 45.000 m²
  • Contractor: Svetlost, Janko Lisjak, Ratko Mitrovic, Agrovojvodina-Komercservice

Detail design:

Janko Zivancevic

Janko Zivancevic

Structure Designer:
Slobodanka Kracun, Milorad Komnenovic

Installation Designer:
Ivan Jevtovic, Janko Lisjak, Novak Knezevic, Bruno Zlobec, Branko Boskovic, Mihajlo Vasiljevic, Rasko Jovanovic

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§ The complex has a horseshoe pattern and with the existing buildings of the Cultural Centre and cinema forms a new town square, with the tower and the clock in the middle.

§ A free access to the complex from all directions allows a quick gathering and evacuation of visitors. The designed ring-shape communications are minimum in number, functional, efficient, economic, and by their arrangement enable undistracted movement of competitors and spectators.

§ The main arena is a polyvalent hall with 7,600 seats which is technically designed of all types of public manifestations.

§ The total area of the building is 45,000 m2 and it contains an Olympic swimming pool with stands for 1,600 spectators, a diving pool height 3.5 and 7.5 m, pool for children, restaurant with 200 seats, disco club, trade centre, concert-sports hall with 7,600 seats, basket and volley ball hall with 900 seats, shooting range, automatic bowling hall, press centre and other supporting premises, like sauna, solarium, massage, etc.

§ The complex can accommodate at one moment 12.000 people, which is in fact one whole town. Therefore, there are all necessary conditions to monitor. the events and movement of people from the control centre which is in the "heart" of the complex.

§ The control centre is connected with each and every point of the building via the computer (audio and visual). This enables an instant warning of thefts and burglary, fire and other irregularities. This control centre is attached to the power block.

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