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The Belgrade Fair

At the Belgrade Fair site GP "Rad" used an original system of prestressing. The Hall II was covered by two double curved shells which are a spherical sector above the square base with sides 48 m, with the radius of only 56 m.

  • Employer: Ministry of Construction Industry
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1938 - 1957
  • Category: Business Centres, Sports Complexes And Congress Halls
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 240.000 m²
  • Contractor: GP Rad, Trudbenik

Detail design:
Faculty of Architecture, Designing Bureau GP "Rad"

Prof. Milorad Pantovic, BSc (arch.)

Prof. Milorad Pantovic, BSc (arch.)

Structure Designer:
Academician Milan Zezelj, BSc (arch.), Milan Krstic, BSc (civil eng.) GP "Rad"

Installation Designer:
Svetlost, Janko Lisjak

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The shell thickness was gradually increased from 9 to 20 cm. Hall III was covered with a roof, and double curved shells (whose shape was defined by a sphere dia 100 m) were cut by two vertical planes at the distance of 48 m. The length of the bigger shell axis is 70 m and thickness from 9 to 20 cm.

§ Hall XIV of the Belgrade Fair is of rectangular base 112.0 x 72.0 m with the roof 120 x 80 m, with the cellar, groundfloor and galleries of the total area 24,000 m2 The roof rests on six cylindrical columns dia 5 m which serve as installation ducts so that the actual span is 40 m each, and the overhang 16 m each. The basic support beams which were cast in-situ go over the column line. The roof is supported by the columns over 6 neoprene-teflone bolsters with restricted movement in all directions. The structure weight together with roof decking and installations is 3,200 t. The lifting height of the roof was 11 m. The system flexions were about 5 cm.

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