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The Sava Center

THE SAVA CENTRE is an international congress, business and cultural centre of wide programme orientation and function, situated on one of the most beautiful micro locations of Belgrade. All its parts are interconnected by closed passageways and form an integral unity, both spatial and technological.

  • Employer: City of Belgrade
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1977 - 1978
  • Category: Business Centres, Sports Complexes And Congress Halls
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 50.000 m²
  • Contractor: KMG "Trudbenik"

Detail design:
KMG "Trudbenik", "Dragisa Brasovan"

Stojan Maksimovic, BSc (arch.)

Structure Designer:
Radomir Mihajlovic, BSc (civil eng.), Stojan Maksimovic, BSc (arch.); for interior Aleksandar Saletic, BSc (arch.)

Installation Designer:
thermotechnical - Djordje Vuckovic, BSc (mech. eng.); electrical - Zoran Milosavljevic, BSc (electr.); water supply and sewage - Daroslav Stefanovic, BSc (civil eng.)

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§ The congress centre building is an integral entity for multi-purpose functions with 15 halls with the most modern equipment. Except for the rooms capacity 10-20 seats, suitable for smaller meetings, and a large hall with 4,000 seats for big congress events, the Sava Centre has 9 halls their capacity ranging from 60 to 987 seats for congresses, business meetings and other convocations. The largest of all with the area of 1720 m2 and 987 seats can be, within the shortest time possible, transformed into three smaller halls by sliding doors. All the halls are fitted with the equipment for simultaneous translation and interpretation, for sound recording, as well as audio-visual and technical equipment and other modern instruments. The Sava Centre has an exhibition area of 4,400 m2 suitable for organising artistic and professional exhibitions. The concert hall is the largest of this kind in the world. A flexible ceiling of the congress hall enables the partition of 4,000-seat auditorium into one of 2,500-seats by eliminating the gallery.

 § The Sava Centre offers other features and services, too: printing press, internal closed circuit TV system, many boutiques with exclusive goods, a bank and a post office, travel and rent-a-car agencies, a number of airline representative offices, a clinic and first aid, hairdressing and cosmetic shops, a number of restaurants and bars, several art galleries and artifact shops, parking area for 2,000 cars, etc.

Phase I - the 50,000 m2 - congress centre - The basic structural assumptions were: founding on piles, great span for both orthogonal directions, complete prefabrication, prestressing and thermal treatment of concrete. The hall, housing features and services, was constructed from prefabricated columns with grid 15 m and roof reinforced concrete lattices 45 m long, prefabricated in situ. Inclined and lateral glass walls are supported on concrete lattices and steel binding rafters.

Phase II - the congress-concert hall with the capacity of 4,000 seats forms with the previously constructed building an integral entity and rounds up complete feature of the congress centre. The multipurpose hall is designed in such a way that its acoustics is adjusted to music and speech programmes. It is achieved by a mobile ceiling whose segments, by their inclination and height, are adapted to the chosen size and the acoustic conditions of the hall.

§ The structure is reinforced concrete. The large 4,000 seat hall is closed by double concrete walls which are joined by space concrete lattice. A large foyer is structurally closed by concrete lattices inclined 45° with the base of the hall. The assembly of concrete lattices and steel girders forms a spatial structure of the foyer. The groundfloor and basement are in the system of concrete "grillwork".

§ One of the most significant elements of the building is the roof of the hall. The roof dim. 50.0 x 50.0 m was formed on the slab above the cellar as a space lattice 5 m high, and then it was lifted by powerful hydraulic jacks to the designed height together wit11 final roofing and installations.


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