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Visnjicka banja

The Visnjicka bannja complex is located northwest of the old core of Belgrade. "The construction - building area occupies about 50 ha and is designed For 1,610 residential units, for 5,000 inhabitants.

  • Employer: Authority for residential construction of City of Belgrade
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1979 - 1982
  • Category: Housing Estates
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: 500.000 m²
  • Contractor: Energoprojekt

Detail design:

Ljiljana Bakic, BSc (arch.); Dragoljub Bakic, BSc (arch.) and Milos Stankovic, BSc (arch.)

Branislav Radosavljevic

Structure Designer:
Nevena Mandic

Installation Designer:
Bosiljka Petrovic, BSc (arch.); Branislav Lakcevic, BSc and Milan Popovic, techn.

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The buildings are divided into: multipurpose complex (Visnjiclca Banja) 50 ha; residential settlement with lower buildings 76,985 m2 net area; housing units in rows 625 m2 net area: cascade-type flats 5,000 m2 net area.

§ The residential high-category buildings built in three stages: Ist stage - 514 flats. IInd stage - 622 flats, IIIrd stage - 474 flats. The flats are: one-room, two-room, two-and-a-half-room, three-room and three-and-a-half-room (duplex). Three hundred family houses have been built. All flats have loggias.

§ The lower blocks are grouped in seven clusters so that each block has 150-200 flats or apartments. Between the blocks there are playgrounds and recreation grounds for children and adults.

§ Besides residential units which are the main aim of this project, the following supporting buildings were designed: residents' organization, kindergarten and nursery, grounds for sports anti other activities, elementary school with 32 classrooms, health centre, supermarket, shops anti boutiques, restaurants, cinema hall with 600 seats.


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