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West siberian metallurgical combine lumber & metal complex

The lumber complex structures are intended to process wood materials (sawmill with up-to-date equipment, processing capacity 10,000 m3 logs per year).

  • Employer: West Siberian Metallurgical Combine
  • Location: Novokuznetsk, Russia
  • Total cost of project: N/A
  • Years of construction: 1991 - N/A
  • Category: Industrial And Energy Supply Plants
  • Status: Finished
  • Area: Unknown
  • Contractor: Progres

Detail design:
Energoprojekt, MDD Industry

Bauplus, Jadran, Prva iskra, Gradjevinar

Installation Designer:
Montaza, Janko Lisjak, Svetlost, Romanija

Project Manager:
Faculty of Civil Engineering

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Chipboard factory has the production capacity of 60,000 m3 of chipboard plates per annum, and as the third one, there is a furniture factory with three separate plants - boards and plates, upholstery, and production of polyurethane. The annual capacity:
- 15,000 upholstered sets,
- 15,000 living-room sets,
- 15,000 bedroom sets,
- 40,000 mattresses,
- 20,000 kitchen sets
and so, looking at this capacity, the factory is ranks among the largest in the world.

§ Attached to the Lumber complex, there is a series of auxiliary buildings.

§ The metal complex structures are intended to produce sanitary fittings, folding mechanisms, metal furniture and tools.

§ The furniture factory has an annual production of 60,000 different folding mechanisms, 100,000 chairs, 20,000 tables.

§ The production of metal furniture is the combination of metal-wood (table) and metal plastics (chair). The technological equipment is modern and flexible enough to allow the production of other, products, especially garden and camping furniture.

§ The tool shop is fitted with the most modern equipment to produce tools, accessories, control-measuring instruments, etc.

§ Administrative & office building has a sanitation block, kitchen, restaurant, offices, cloakrooms, technical rooms and rooms for rest and recreation. Attached to it are auxiliary buildings.

§ Control and regulation of production is by automatic system, consisting of a set of independent units combined into a functional integral system:
- information system for production control/monitoring;
- communication and signalization system (telephone, public-address, video, etc);
- fire-fighting system for automatic fire warning;
- graphic stations for designing new furniture models by PC computers;
- working hours control system.

§ Automatic telephone exchange serves the entire Combine. It is digital and automatic with 9,000 numbers, type MD 110, for simultaneous transmission of speech and data, made by "Ericson", Finland.

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