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Deneza M

  • Category: Construction, Design
  • Address: Milovana Glisica 5, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone/fax: +381 11 2651896; +381 11 2651882;
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Number of employees: 467

  • Yearly income: 33.091.537 €

Company DENEZA M Inzenjering d.o.o. (LLC) was founded in 1992.

Company core business is construction works (excavating with foundation, piling, building, insulating, plumbing, HVAC, finishing, facade works, turnkey, etc.) and previously shipbuilding works.

In 17 years of successful business number of employees was constantly increasing (today number is 467 employees) followed by spreading of Company activities on new markets, thus today DENEZA M Inzenjering is working on the whole territory of Serbia. The strongest Company status is in Serbia capital – Belgrade where competition is on the highest level and where contracts’ bidder can be only serious and stable construction company with keen references.

Company headquarters is composed of Management, Technical, Estimating, Commercial, Administrative and Financial Departments.


  • Belville

  • Year: 2010 Budget: 200.000.000 €
  • Belville is a completely new concept of residential space, snuggled in the heart of New Belgrade. Belville is a miniature city of its own in the midst of the Serbian capital Belgrade and is unique in many ways. See more