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  • Category: Unknown
  • Address: Bul. Mihaila Pupina 12, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone/fax: (+381 11) 31011 11
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Number of employees: 2753

  • Yearly income: N/A

Since 1951 when founded as a consulting company Energoprojekt has developed into a complex business system integrating, today, 18 companies in the country and over 40 subsidiaries and joint venture companies abroad.

Energoprojekt has acquired the reputation of a reliable partner and in the course of a period of 57 years it has developed a large spectrum of activities, always offering the highest quality and standards, in the following fields: energy, town planning and environmental protection, infrastructure, architecture, industry, information technologies, trade, real estate, insurance and re-insurance, bond trading and financial mediation, industrial manufacture programs and graphic multi media engineering and digital printing.

In the course of its successful development into one of the leading world-wide companies in the fields of consulting and contracting activities Energoprojekt has been engaged in implementation of various projects and facilities in over 70 countries all over the world. The name of Energoprojekt can be found on the lists of Top International Design firms and International Contractors published every year by the renowned Americal magazine "Engineering News Record". Successfully completed projects which Energoprojekt realized in the past are the best reference for acquiring new jobs. As a reliable partner with international experience, easily adaptable to various market requirements and flexible, Energoprojekt successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign partners in realization of important investment projects.

Today, Energoprojekt is a complex business system ready to offer large-scale and high quality services in Serbia and abroad.



  • International Fair

  • Year: 1977 Budget: N/A
  • The exhibition area occupies the largest part of the complex and is centrally positioned in relation to all other supporting structures. It is divided into four independent exhibition zones resulting in flexibility of its use. See more

  • The faculty of maritime studies

  • Year: 1986 Budget: N/A
  • The Complex of the Faculty of Maritime Studies consists of 27 construction-building units, respectively 92 buildings and is located 25 km away from Tripoli towards Zanzur (Libya). See more

  • Sheraton Hotel

  • Year: 1985 Budget: N/A
  • The Hotel has a total gross area of 36,648 m2 and consists of one underground floor (services and preparation of food), ground floor, two mezzanines, with public functions and hotel services (reception desk, hall, foyer, restaurant, bars, special purpose premises, offices). See more

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

  • Year: 1990 Budget: N/A
  • The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade is located in the vicinity of the Sava Congress Centre, and it is a five star hotel and the most luxurious in this part of Europe. The hotel has eight floors and 35,668 m2 of useful area. See more

  • Sunlit Peaks

  • Year: 1991 Budget: N/A
  • The apartment complex Suncani Vrhovi (Sunlit Peaks) is a part of the tourist centre of Mt Kopaonik. There are 412 apartments fitted in the national style with 1.421 beds. See more