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  • Category: Unknown
  • Address: Bul. Mihaila Pupina 12, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone/fax: (+381 11) 31011 11
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  • Number of employees: 2753

  • Yearly income: N/A

Since 1951 when founded as a consulting company Energoprojekt has developed into a complex business system integrating, today, 18 companies in the country and over 40 subsidiaries and joint venture companies abroad.

Energoprojekt has acquired the reputation of a reliable partner and in the course of a period of 57 years it has developed a large spectrum of activities, always offering the highest quality and standards, in the following fields: energy, town planning and environmental protection, infrastructure, architecture, industry, information technologies, trade, real estate, insurance and re-insurance, bond trading and financial mediation, industrial manufacture programs and graphic multi media engineering and digital printing.

In the course of its successful development into one of the leading world-wide companies in the fields of consulting and contracting activities Energoprojekt has been engaged in implementation of various projects and facilities in over 70 countries all over the world. The name of Energoprojekt can be found on the lists of Top International Design firms and International Contractors published every year by the renowned Americal magazine "Engineering News Record". Successfully completed projects which Energoprojekt realized in the past are the best reference for acquiring new jobs. As a reliable partner with international experience, easily adaptable to various market requirements and flexible, Energoprojekt successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign partners in realization of important investment projects.

Today, Energoprojekt is a complex business system ready to offer large-scale and high quality services in Serbia and abroad.



  • Visnjicka banja

  • Year: 1982 Budget: N/A
  • The Visnjicka bannja complex is located northwest of the old core of Belgrade. "The construction - building area occupies about 50 ha and is designed For 1,610 residential units, for 5,000 inhabitants. See more

  • Chira-Piura multipurpose water management system

  • Year: 1997 Budget: N/A
  • The water resources engineering system Chira-Piura is situated in the northern most part of the Republic of Peru, in the lower flow of the rivers China and Piura which run into the Pacific. See more

  • Djerdap one hydro-power and waterway system

  • Year: 1972 Budget: N/A
  • It is a concrete gravity clam, with 14 weir overflows, 25 m wide each. In Europe it is the largest project of this type excluding Russia, and it is one of the largest in the world. See more

  • Djerdap two hydro-power and waterway system

  • Year: 1983 Budget: N/A
  • The dam is located on the Danube, 80 km downstream from Djerdap I, or about 17 km upstream from the river Timok mouth into the Danube, between Romania and Serbia . See more

  • Bajina Basta hydro-electric power plant

  • Year: 1966 Budget: N/A
  • The gravity concrete hollow dam 90 m high, 461 m long in the crest, forms the accumulation lake 50 km long with the capacity of 340x10 million m3. See more