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  • Category: Construction
  • Address: Banjički venac 28 b, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone/fax: +381 11 3061800
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Number of employees: 753

  • Yearly income: 39.497 €

GEMAX is a private construction company in Serbia. It was founded 21.06.1989. Professional attitude towards work and the organization reached a world level in the first years and preserved until today. Guided by a safe hand, company has achieved rapid growth and strength.

GEMAX today enjoys a great reputation thanks to the professional approach to every job, using modern construction machinery and tools, thorough and quality work and respecting deadlines.

The main motto of the company is to provide the best service for investor with fair price and honorable relationship.

GEMAX gained his reputation in all structural engineering, building design and construction, steel structures, the infrastructure works. From industrial facilities through the buildings with special requirements, and to exclusively furnished interior of housing on the principle of "turnkey".


  • Airport City

  • Year: N/A Budget: 120.000.000 €
  • Airport City is the first multi-use commercial facility in Serbia that merges the latest in building technology, together with a tenant focused approach. See more

  • Doncafe factory

  • Year: 2007 Budget: 10.000.000 €
  • Doncafe factory is equipped with the latest technological equipment for processing coffee, with processing capacity exceeding 18,000 tons per year, which will grow to 30,000 tons. See more

  • Immo center

  • Year: 2007 Budget: 4.000.000 €
  • Immo Center has concrete structure with classical columns with 8.0x8.0m grids. Roof supporting structure is made out of steel. See more