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  • Number of employees: 1500

  • Yearly income: 53.995.452 €

Monterra is one of leading construction companies in Serbia and the region.

Monterra is founded in 1980 as a building – trade shop that grew into a company for construction, transport and services in 1992. By responding to market demands for better performance and higher functionality, Monterra is established as a limited liability company in 2000, with the following functional units:

1. Design engineering

2. Execution of works in:
- Building engineering
- Construction engineering
- Real estate investments

Monterra has over 1,500 employees in its system today, with the tendency of further development in the construction industry.

Their approach of investing into highly qualified engineers and keeping pace with new trends in technology, machinery, and materials, contributed to the fast development of our company and its leadership position in building engineering and as one of the biggest construction businesses in the country.

Their basic activity is the execution of construction and finishing trade works in building and construction engineering projects (water supply and sewerage infrastructure, and clearing up the bottoms of lakes, riverbeds, banks, sedimentation tanks, etc.).

They also have a design bureau specialized and equipped for landscape architecture and interior design.

Monterra strives to implement its business standards in new companies within their system : Monterra Montenegro, Mont Finish, and Trudbenik gradnja. Their main objective is to become the largest construction company in the region that is adaptable to a wide range of different projects.


  • Bagremar

  • Year: 2010 Budget: 4.000.000 €
  • Company “Monterra“ Ltd. is the head contractor for the works on development of a modern multifunctional sports hall at the location of Bagremar in Pančevo, which will be financed by the Directorate for Organization and Development of Pančevo. See more

  • Europen Megastore

  • Year: 2008 Budget: 8.000.000 €
  • With construction of wholesale building in New Belgrade - Europen Megastore in Block 41,participation of enterprises Europen Trade-A office market, advertising materials and consumer goods market will significantly increase. See more

  • Metropolitan Project

  • Year: 2010 Budget: N/A
  • Metropolitan apartments is a modern residential-commercial complex which offers its owners the highest level of residential accommodation. The entire complex is being constructed according to the highest standards of quality, technical facilities and safety. See more

  • Contemporary art museum

  • Year: 2008 Budget: 3.600.000 €
  • Museum of Contemporary Art is located in New Belgrade, near the confluence of Sava and Danube river, and neer the Kalemegdan. The museum is architecturally distinguished by its original spatial composition, crystalline volume and good relationship with the environment. See more

  • Belville

  • Year: 2010 Budget: 200.000.000 €
  • Belville is a completely new concept of residential space, snuggled in the heart of New Belgrade. Belville is a miniature city of its own in the midst of the Serbian capital Belgrade and is unique in many ways. See more